Narcos: The Board Game which is based on the television series Narcos puts players in the roles of the series' most powerful characters and factions as they rewrite the story behind the rise and fall of El Patr�n. One person acts as El Patr�n managing a growing narcotics empire while trying to keep their location on the board a secret. The remaining players lead the Hunter factions: the DEA Polic�a Nacional de Colombia Cali Cartel and the guerrilla extremist group. These seemingly disparate groups are united in their common interest to discover the hidden position of El Patr�n sharing information and discussing strategies. If the El Patr�n player manages to complete their secret objectives without being captured by the Hunters they win. However if the Hunters are able to uncover El Patr�n's location they succeed in their mission and win.

NARCOS: The Board Game

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